Heart and Soul Ministries has affected more than a thousand people in need since 2012. 

Hunger and poverty in our communities must be addressed each and every day.

We partner with St. Peter's Episcopal Church, St. Jude's Catholic Church and Ecclesia Worship Center, 

as well as many community organizations. See more here.

What We Do

The ministry welcomes and appreciates volunteers, supporters, and donations to continue their

ever-growing mission.

If you would like to be involved in this very important mission, contact Chris Miller-Marcin at 302-947-0278,  email


About Chris Miller-Marcin

Christine Miller‐Marcin, a Postulant

for Holy Orders in the Diaconate of the

Episcopal Church, formed the Heart and Soul

Ministry in 2012. The ministry’s first volunteers

came from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

and St. Jude The Apostle Catholic in Lewes.

Download brochure of Christine's ministry.

Learn more about Chris.